Biometric Infidelity


Fingerprint familiarity and touch sensitivity
Proper position, synaptic response
True Emancipation as the icon rises
Swiping Left to right, volume and Volumes

Voice recognition dominating the requirements
And exposing the Icecream Sandwich
Engorged with the upgrade
She melts from the processing heat
Tongue Vibrations cause Google to take flight
Eventually We break off the Kit Kat

Increased processing speed takes us to new heights,
The Marshmallow clasps the lollipop.
Hertz acendance tightens the squeeze…
Our Nougat, belated and embraced

The savour is not available on all devices,
But the scent is permanently embedded.

Newtonian Kinetics, blowing Jobs
Siri inside Cortana; Singularity = A.I
Don’t forget the cupCake or is it Apple,
Plums too are fruits, but of genetics.

Taking in all the design, Recalling Legislation
You Selfie the sclera, Iris; Retina.
It’s worth the Architecture
Distinct, Detailed, Unique
Adonis’ choice Trimester

Are Ara, A.R projects articulated?
The future, throbbing hard to Pikachu?
The cycle is similar but due
Yield after Deliberated Decided
Multiple Utopia; Synchronised Euphoria.

Love, Peace and The Singularity


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